Divisions In Parallel

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“Iranian born, Seattle based musician Kamran Sadeghi, aka Son of Rose, has carved a niche over the last couple years sculpting tinkling drapes of simmering sound from elemental minutiae. Divisions In Parallel moves away from the concentric circles of noise on his self-titled debut and last years Top Flight into more adventurous instrumental realms.
Making use of the strings of a grand piano and a playful E-bow, it creates an arresting opening trilogy of tracks. Familiar grainy static drops into the watery textures and angelic chimes of “Triple II” before settling into a vegetative tonal din in the concluding “Triple III”. For a sound artist who veers so close to cinematic, it’s perplexing as to why Sadeghi hasn’t scored any movies to date. Midway, he switches to his trademark cyclic textures in the tantric bells of “Passage”, which carries an airy, weightless feel that would benefit Larry Clark’s or Harmony Korine’s probing verité style of film making. The ensuing 15-minute “From The Well” edges between nervy and tingling Ambience, Sadeghi’s use of the slow-swelling properties of the E-bow filtering through subterranean museums of opaque, glassy dreamscapes like a less oppressive version of Halo Manash’s Isolationist Ambience. Disarming Stuff.” (The Wire)