Phantom In Paradise

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“Phillip Quehenberger’s long awaited long-player debut (after the 12”EP “QBBQ” on Cheap in 2002) seems to be immune against quick categorization. Based on a wondrous forwardness , the prevailing instrumental tracks neglect predictability, never lose their mysteries, opening psychedelic trap doors and windows, bunching imagination and closeness. “Phantom in Paradise” captivates with intelligent dancefloor confusions, out of which in a hypnotic maelstrom are peeling off a sneaking, dark gleaming Pop appeal and uncaring magic. Quehenberger has taken the raw energy of his ecstatic live performances and crafted a diamond of a release. From the catchy riffs of ‘Loner Goner’, to the polyrhythmic UR-like ‘Varad” and the scorching twisted keyboard distortion of ‘Verdammst!’. File under: Prog – dance heavy listening”