Le Pavillon Témoin

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“Mathias Delplanque is an artist based in France, known mainly for his dub albums released under the name ‘Lena’ on the labels Quatermass and Sounds Around. He’s also involved in numerous projects ranging from sound installations, to improvisation and live performance. ‘Le Pavillon Temoin’ (‘The Show House’), marks the beginning of a new phase in the music of Mathias Delplanque. This is a very subtle and personal piece of work exploring the aesthetics of modern electronica, jazz, folk and musique concrete. Acoustic instruments (guitar, piano, cello, drums, accordion, melodica, bells) form the backbone of the compositions, sometimes dissolving into particles of abstract sound, and at other times conspiring to create familiar textures. This fragile balance between noisy collages and pleasing melodies is the key to the album’s atmosphere, it’s a listening treat for the mind, the ear and the imagination. With each layer of shimmering guitar, The Show House reveals itself in all its mysterious glory.”