The Remedy Has Become The Affliction

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“The Remedy Has Become The Affliction is a document of delusion in the guise of salvation, of lies that become truth, of blind faith and abject failure, of the tormented and the torturer and of the nightmare of “being”. T.R.H.B.T.A. is the carrion we collectively accept and ingest as reality, a dirty needle in the neck of an abjectly complacent society and a further descent into the bowels of unmitigated psychosis.
Composed and recorded during the same sessions as Be My Enemy, The Remedy Has Become The Affliction was intended to be released before B.M.E. but was put on hold due to back-ups in the release schedule of the originally intended label.
Since NCC Records has taken on this release, T.R.H.B.T.A. has grown to become somewhat of a collaborative effort involving a number of other sound and graphic artists. The disc contains remix/reconstructions by Guilty Connector and Hum Of The Druid while the cover and interior of the digipak features original artwork created specifically for this release by Gee Vaucher of Crass.
Limited to 300 copies in full colour digipaks.
Mastered by Thomas Garrison.”