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Unusual children’s album. Targeted to everyone. All compositions made by children, adults were recording them only, adding some tiny details from time to time. Adults were asking, kids were answering, and vice versa. Kids of various ages, from 2,5 to teenagers.
Concept of the project belongs to Asia Bronisławska (aka Asi Mina), that days known as Kucharczyk still.
Asia is the teacher for alternative infant and youth education for music and art, for many years already.
She likes this work. She is a definite master with it.
Asia says: “A few years passed by. And the longer I think about “tojetake”, the more I realise that, like then, we didn’t fall into any fashion categories, also now the album does not fit to any known frames. It is a record of pure imagination of very open heads. And it will remain as such. Time is irrelevant. Children tell “real fables”. That are timeless, though some children have already managed to grow up. And it is not about giving any moral, it is about experiencing and being honest. They sing, play, confide, shout and whisper to an ear. Lean a bit and listen. You will see what the wind blows in the child’s world.
Once I said – do your own compositions. I will watch and help. And they did, now you hear. I am proud of them”.

This record is not the subject for easy classification. We have many various styles and approaches involved here. Kids were creating without any limits and limitations. Additionally we included some of conversations and mini-interviews with some of them, to know what they truly think about the world they are living in.
They show what is interesting, fascinating, cheerful, but also strange or sad, or even scary. What they understand or what they would like to know better.
We, adults, get beautiful music, nice stories and joyous tunes. Also themes to learn, to rethink. This is important document of our present times, when sometimes kids are seen with not enough respect to them. album is made with full respect to this good, unmatured world.

Album contains 34 tracks. Different in time, mood, theme and style. Fairy-tale acoustics, homemade hiphop, kid-electro, toy-improv, all is here. Please allow to be taken away to the land of the true freedom. You’ll be surprised and amused.