Overheard And Rendered

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and/OAR is a recording label founded by Dale Lloyd in 2001 which has solely focused on presenting environmental recordings and their use in Avant-Garde sound art. In 2008, two additional sectors (either/OAR & mOAR) were formed to allow the main sector of the label to continue its original purpose while expanding into areas such as music purely created by instruments and electronics. 2005 compilation from the label.

1. Maggi Payne – It’s Elemental 6:40
2. Pali Meursault – Keleti Pályaudvar 8:48
3. Christophe Havard – Ouïe Ou Non! 16:04
4. Perri Lynch – Precisely Known Completely Lost 18:24
5. Emmanuel Mieville – Le Cavalier King Charles 19:36