Broklyn Truckers Union Local 003

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“The trade wars waged through the 21st century and here we sit guzzling to the end of 2099. Culled from the wreckage of big rig hard drives, what you hold is the history of transcendence of the world; an overview of how corporate greed and hard-driving ingenuity collided head-on over the hill in the open desert. There was a beginning to this story, however…
At the end of 1999, protests at the World Trade Organization conference in Seattle, Washington ignited a global awareness which fomented for the next ten years. In 2010, the first world economy finally collapsed. The desperation led to global war and an international freeze on trade.
The Greater Depression hit urban centres the hardest, most notably the technology and money markets. In addition, the only growing market was the interstate trade. In a strange cultural shift, many savvy programmers and traders took to the open road in the quest for a lost security. The culture continued to evolve. Urban youth culture expanded to all corners of North America. Large convoys of thousands of people lived on the road as cities began to dissolve.
As the middle of the century passed, hopes of prosperity waned as fossil fuels began to dry up. The cogs of world travel ground to a halt. We became a society frozen in place but connected to the digital realm like never before. The remaining interstate truckers were hunted for their fuel and relied on this realm for evasion and subversion. Trucker tribes formed for protection and created a massive rave culture once thought dead. The producers of this new sound were not musicians, but technicians integrating sound with nanotechnology and applying it to their hard-driving tradition.
At first you could only sense small traces of their music’s rhythms when you attended a trucker rave at a ghost speedway. The beat had been born into living, three-dimensional entities interacting with the audience. The people and the beats danced together and understood one another. But they also continued to grow and the programmers climbed back in their rigs and distributed these new beats to all parts of the globe.
The integrated system of digital-organic intelligent sound grew to become a new alien life source. Within twenty years we were cohabiting with the beats, birthing our own little sixteenth notes.
By 2085, fossil fuels had run their course and the glory days of nano trucking were parked in the back lot. There were no humans left. We had transcended our bodies and now lived as sound, opening a new century, unrestrained by so-called humanity and its apocalypse.
It’s been a hard drive.”

Produced and conceived by Eerie-one (Erion) with additional production by Doily.

Comes in a sealable plastic bag.
Folded sleeve with a fictional text from 2099 on the hard 21st century with its vanishing of fossil energy and the transcending of humans from bodies to another form.
A calendar of 2099 is also included.