Cromatic Field Remixes

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in thirteen pieces, eight artists interpret material of the solar-sound trio chromatic field, but i haven’t recognized it. the yellow cheep and chirp space is completely empty? it’s merely a kind of hide-and-seek with the bloodhounds who are still standing useless in front of the door; useless because the stage is a different space – remote music. yellow is warmth, but in the other space the names that you think of are strange: arctic foxes, oily birds, … yellow are the leaves, so what? no natural images, please, don’t speak and think aloud, you are also one of those, are you? too much consciousness is unhealthy, or put another way: if we lacked our heads, we would be perfectly happy. yet, creating notions is alright as long as they can sneak through closed doors. most of them, however, bounce off the twelve centimetres like they hit a silver mirror.

1. androvirus – tk2
2. frgmnt – groovy broken
3. lifeloop – oily coast dying bird
4. ohmnoise – chromo a
5. androvirus – tk1
6. lifeloop – sktrkmx
7. kdonovan – who gets their
8. flexfitte – dasko solar kar
9. androvirus – tk3
10. cem akkan – solarcell mix
11. lifeloop – dead coast
12. sciss – chequer
13. frgmnt – ausgehalten, sciss