Epitaph For John

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On April 2nd 2002 John Watermann died suddenly of an infection resulting from his ongoing treatment for cancer. Having in the final year of his life returned to painting and writing (alongside a burgeoning interest in cooking), he still had vast plans for future

Among these unfulfilled projects were plans to collaborate with Frans de Waard on a new release. Although only preliminary discussions on the collaboration took place and Watermann never completed any work towards the project, Watermann’s source material that was to be the basis of the work now serves as a basis for this tribute release.


1. Asmus Tietchens – JWAT 1 (03:05)
2. Asmus Tietchens – JWAT 2 (02:37)
3. Asmus Tietchens – JWAT 3 (05:39)
4. Asmus Tietchens – JWAT 4 (03:55)
5. RLW: Seeking Perfection – Somewhere Else (12:52)
6. Merzbow – Untitled For John (05:28)
7. Freiband – Threnody (10:26)
8. John Watermann – Toowong Cemetary (13:32)