One Mutant Minute – Based On Noto’s 747

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MUTANT was an ongoing series created by Grain of Sound being this cd its first volume. The inner concept is to develop a new long sound work from a short previous released track. all the sound artists/projects involved work on the same track and this is the only sound source they may use. on this first issue the source was 747, a one minute track by Carsten Nicolai´s noto, originally released on the album autorec published in 2002 by Raster-Noton.archiv fur ton und nichtton.
Four sound artists/projects were chosen for this inaugural release. Re-constructions and extended versions made by Etch, PL, Draftank and João Castro Pinto.

Special thanks to Carsten Nicolai.

1. Etch – 19 Mutant Minutes 19:00
2. PL – Three Panels To A Whole New You 12:38
3. Draftank – Electrical Nerve 13:05
4. João Castro Pinto – Residual Focal Point 15:50