Emulatory Whoredom

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It’s hard to know exactly what to make of this strange album, which seems to be only partly a musical project at all. This is that rarest of animals, a DJ concept album, and one that is organized around the theme of UFOs and extra-terrestrial visits. Taking movie dialogue, things that sound like snippets of documentary interviews and various other spoken-word ephemera and using them as the glue with which to hold together a pleasing variety of low-key turntablist workouts, moody trip-hop and excursions into downtempo sonic experimentalism, DJ Wally seems at several points to be simply making fun of impressionable Middle Americans and their wide-eyed accounts of abductions, apparitions and, er, probing. But sometimes it seems like his stance is a bit more complex than that; when he appropriates the hook from Frida’s “I Know There’s Something Going On” and juxtaposes it with the sound of a woman talking about truth as a scarce commodity, it almost sounds like he’s making an unironic point. That’s not so much the case on “Yes, It’s True”, in which someone with the voice of a radio talk-show host enumerates the physical phenomena associated with extra-terrestrial visits in the desert. The beats that weave in and around these interludes are generally gentle but solid and always interesting. Perhaps not an essential purchase, but recommended.
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