Forbidden Beat

Label: Laton
Format: CD
Genre: Electro
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F.R.U.I.T.S. is a living example of improbable career and life paths that are characteristic for contemporary Russian culture. The duo, which came together in Moscow in 1992, consists of two multi-instrumentalists: Alexei Borisov and Pavel Zhagun. Borisov had started in the early 1980’s as a guitarist in Centre, the very first Russian new wave band, and later formed his own group Notchnoi Prospekt. During the 1980’s Notchnoi Prospekt went through a series of stylistic phases with each new reel-to-reel tape and vinyl album, including witty synth-pop, industrial psychedelia and guitar-based noise rock. Zhagun’s background was quite different: he had started as a professional brass player in the early 1970’s in the Radio and TV Orchestra of Ukraine and in the progressive rock group Bells in Kiev as well as worked as the concertmaster in the State Jazz Orchestra of Georgia. By the early 90’s, however, he had become an enthusiast and aficionado of contemporary academic and electronic music.