Radio Life

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This is the fifth CD release by Japanese Nerve Net Noise, a duo of Tgomago (mix, effects, treatment) and H. Kumakiri (original synthesizer, sound create [sic]). The two have been building their own synthesizers for some time, but for this new release, Kumakiri wrote some software that converts mathematics into sound. He did some experiments with these sounds and send them to Tgomago, who was then responsible for the editing and compositions. I think this new release is a major step forward for Nerve Net Noise. Their previous CDs were more or less exercises in sound, testing the possibilities of their self-built electronica, without caring that much about the actual musical composition. Here they do and the result is great. Noise is their territory but unlike some other Japanese artists, their sound is cleaner, emptier and more rhythmic, without reaching the operating theatre cleanness of Ryoji Ikeda. With the usual Staalplaat cover (print on jewel case, silver shiny paper) that brings back the memory of their material series, it’s difficult not to think of the various other bands in that series, such as Massimo, Pure, Thilges 3 or some of the rhythmic work of Goem, Nerve Net Noise stand in a long tradition, not just repeating it, but also adding something.