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“AfterMathematics”. This new opus from Bill Laswell for Sub Rosa is exploring the veins of hip-hop and dub in some peculiar manner. Going urban with some old-school hip-hop ingredients, then dubbing and scratching, Laswell is paying tribute to the past of those musical styles and adapting the vibes to the present and future. Bass and kicks, straight and efficient, are the skeleton; turntablism, floating keyboards chords, abstract sounds are giving flesh’n’blood to this organic machine. Aftermathematics is at the same time urban and tribal, like being in an hidden cavern in the heart of N-Y, doing some shamanic rituals in a crowded big avenue in order to transform it in a gigantic dancefloor. 10 tracks to fly high, or get the echo, the resonance of a big city’s pulse, and yet facing some ghosts from the past, like travelling in a time machine. Anything is possible going back to the prehistoric age or seeing the future. Enter the ritual.

Formerly known as Grandmixer D.St., DXT, hip-hop legend and pioneer, was born and raised in the Bronx, New York. His original name, D.St., was an abbreviation of Delancy Street, one of his former hangouts; “D” was also his nickname. After attending a DJ Kool Herc party, DXT was inspired to be a DJ, adding turntable skills to his musical arsenal that he had already developed as a drummer.

In the early 1980s, he became the hottest New York City DJ, spinning on weekends at the Roxy, the first hip-hop dance club in New York City and the Mecca of hip-hop at the time. He later emerged as an internationally known artist, touring Japan and Europe using the turntable as his instrument and bringing hip-hop culture to youth around the world.

During this period, DXT met Bill Laswell, “one of the most creative and challenging producers in modern music.” With Laswell, DXT collaborated with Herbie Hancock to produce the 1983 Grammy Award-winning “Rockit”, the first musical recording to receive a Grammy featuring a hip-hop artist. “Rockit” is celebrated as one of the most spectacular recordings in modern music history. The recording was monumental because it was the first collaboration between hip-hop and jazz musicians.”