Inteletto D’Amore

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“Polish electronic musician Paul Wirkus processes new narratives out of the hieroglyphs of digital dysfunction. Wirkus is no cutting edge iconoclast – more significantly, he is a serious musician deserving wider attention.” (Keith Moliné, The Wire)

This CD – the music on which could broadly be described as “minimal electronica” – is Paul’s third release under his own name. The first was a cassette by the title of “Echo” on Gusstaff Records (which also saw a release on CD-R, albeit limited to 50 copies). This first solo-outing was followed by the cd “Mimikry” on the same label.

This time, he didn’t want to be too experimental and just rely on the powers of combination of the work itself. The music on this release was created live with several MiniDisc-players hooked up to effects instead of, as one might think, by editing processes done with computers. Thus the tracks have a warmer, more organic character than most other electro-acoustic music. Accidents, coincidences, minute shifts and “aural snap shots” characterise this music. In contrast to earlier solo-outings, not only samples of strings and piano and white noise are to be heard, but also generated analogue sounds, fragmentary melodies and even vocals.”