Aizier St. Martin-Sur-Mer Dieppe

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Recordings (live sessions) 23-26 October 1998.

“Featuring Eric La Casa (processing, contact microphone recording), Eric Cordier (long string recording devices, mixing), and Jean Luc Guionnet (condenser & contact microphone recordings, filtering, processing, mixing). Afflux employs an on-site electroacoustic device in order to work out a set of live interactions with the site. The device connects the three improvisers to the place at the same time. This set of connections creates an infinite interplay of interactions and possibilities. The device is basically founded upon a principle of circulation. The recordings of the environment and devices interacting with the elements: wind, water, etc. are filtered and mixed live by one protagonist. The mix is then broadcast to the other two protagonists (through headphones) who can interact with inflections, altering the course of what is recorded. In this instance the three sites in the Normandy area (each involving a great deal with the water of the sea)find the trio encountering some intermittent heavy weather. Passing rain showers, rising tides, flowing drains, and even communications from a maritime navigation post play heavily into the soundscape, which is a shimmering electroacoustic atmosphere of vibrating strings, rushing water, and crisp, windswept ambience.”