20 Ans De Vielle Musique Nouvelle

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The initial release consisted only of IP 041, issued in an eight-panel foldout CD pack with a card as space holder for IP 042, which could be ordered separately. Pre-ordered copies of IP 042 were sent out in July 2002, since that date the release was sold as a set of two CDs.

IP 042 consists of a performance recorded live in 1994 at the University of Caen, France, titled “De Gaulle À Bayeux, Un Opéra Maracayace”. Special guest Jean-François Pauvros (guitar & vocals) is credited as “JFP” on back sleeve.

Copies ordered directly from the label were issued with an additional Illusion Production batch.

Mastered at Millenium Studio, Nice (France)

Voice, Guitar – Jean-François Pauvros (tracks: 2-01 to 2-05), Jean-Philippe Fee
Voice, Percussion – Sylvie Martineau-Fée
Voice, Piano – Jean-Luc André

DDAD is also known as Déficit Des Années Antérieures, which means in accounting language ‘previous year’s deficit’.
Founded in 1977 by Jean-Luc André, Jean-Philippe Fée & Sylvie Martineau.