Monologue With Accompaniment

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“Released in the Lucky Kitchen label’s Sparkling Composers series, Aerospace Soundwise’s Monologue With Accompaniment is a strange, somewhat ethereal sound art composition. Todd Carter (the artist hiding behind the moniker) has collaged field recordings and bits of electronic music to form a suite of short tableaux fluttering on the brink of conscious perception. For the most part, it could be illustrated by pictures of everyday life, when nothing special happens — not silence, but the sound of uneventfulness: gentle steps on hardwood floor, breathing, maybe someone quietly sitting in a chair, reading. Actually, it is not that mundane: minimalist traits dress up the piece with drones, sine waves, and textures; a techno tune even escapes for a few seconds in “Pushing It in Many Ways.” The listener is left uncertain: Is Monologue With Accompaniment meant as a lowercase sound art piece to be listened to with undivided attention to capture all the details and understand the “big picture” it represents? Or instead was it conceived as wallpaper music, an intelligent way to fill your living room with the composer’s experience of life? The fact that the CD brings up such questions indicates there is “something there,” as elusive and undetermined as it may be.”