Music For The Same 500 People

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“Five years in the making, The Abrasion Ensemble “Music for the same 500 People” debut CD on Beta Lactam Ring Records. Originally released with slightly different material in 1999 (in a limited edition of 50 copies with hand painted covers by Rick Reed that are now collectors items) is a classic ‘Texas’ take on European free improv. Fans of the genre may be surprised that such a music would take root in Austin or anywhere else in Texas for that matter. But here it is: Raw but restrained , powerful yet delicate. In a review of his first release on Thurston Moore’s ‘Center Of The Ass Run’ LP, ND magazine says Reed’s guitar is” like the sound of levitating farm machinery”. Recorded live at various times over the years, Reed is joined here with such fine guest collaborators as David Nuss of New York’s No Neck Blues Band, Tom Carter of the Texas based group Charalambides and Shawn McMillen of Ash Castles on the Ghost Coast. As well as a roster of other incredible musicians and noise artist’s from Austin’s under- underground. The music on the disc ranges from the more chaotic improv (think maybe AMM, Organum or morphogenesis) to milder, flowing improves (think maybe Organum). Just some of the instruments used on this cd: prepared guitar, drums, broken electronics, sine generators, car muffler, effect pedals, to name a few. Rick Reed was recently immortalized in the AMM cd title: “Before driving to the chapel we took coffee with Rick and Jennifer Reed” first 100 come with a bonus disk of material.” – Beta-lactam Ring