Tomorrows Leaders Are Busy Tonight

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“For Tomorrows Leaders Are Busy Tonight, Rick Kitch (the man behind the project Chine Nual) collected source material from Randy Greif, Jeph Jerman (Hands To), and Steve Brand (Augur). Reconstructed bits of voice, guitar, and field recordings are woven into electronic pieces that stand halfway between early Tangerine Dream and Fennesz. Analog keyboards, computer treatments, even some flute, the instrumentation is a surprising blend of old school and new school. Each seven-to-16-minute track unfolds in slow-motion and constitutes an invitation to (at times restless) contemplation. The music is motionless and intended to remain emotionless, although a sense of bliss permeates through it. Used as background music it floats by unnoticed. One needs to stop all interfering activities and listen in order to experience what Tomorrows Leaders Are Busy Tonight has to offer, but the CD does not require (and would be unable to sustain) focused attention. The listener’s mind wanders through electronic clouds, coming back to the music periodically. Highlights include “Machine Manual” and the comforting “Concerning Wishes.” By no means is this album going to change your life or redefine any music style, but it honestly serves its purpose.” FC

1. Machine Manual 16:21
2. Charityware 10:00
3. More Free Than Welcome 5:50
4. Mole Bossong 8:27
5. Concerning Wishes 7:18
6. Dream Stele 13:37