Drunken Little Mass

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Drunken Llittle Mass marks the summit meeting between White Out and free agent, renaissance maestro Jim O’Rourke. The combustible duo of multi-instrumentalist Lin Culbertson on analogue synthesizers, autoharp, flute, and treated voice; and Tom Surgal on drums, gongs and infinite percussion, join forces with O’Rourke, who contributes on both PowerBook and guitar. The contents of this album are totally improvised, recorded in one take, with no overdubs or studio effects. The end result is impressive, the range of sound expansive, the interplay precise. Every note put forth was the combined effort of three performers working as one.

Drunken Little Mass is a volatile work. It is at times delicate, at times raging, sometimes both simultaneously. One moment the music might lull the listener with its psychedelic space drone minimalism. The next moment could induce electric shock with its soaring distortion attacks. Culbertson and O’Rourke toil bravely to create an electronic collage like no other; while Surgal tirelessly accompanies with his unique brand of free drum association. The CD also contains two duo tracks recorded live in concert. Just imagine Phil Wachsman commandeering Sun Ra’s mothership, en route to El Saturn, with stowaways AMM and Popul Vuh duking it out for cosmic domination.

Lin Culbertson: synth, flute, autoharp, voice
Jim O’Rourke: guitar, PowerBook
Tom Surgal: drums, gongs, etc.