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Is: Nigel Ayers

Seventeen tracks are listed, but only sixteen are present. Track 17 is listed as “Chromosome Sequence”.

“There’s no suggestion of this being chemical as in spacey and tripped out. It seems more like some horrendously toxic product that has either been withdrawn from legal usage, or is used only as a last resort to treat the few conditions worse than its side effects.
Although there are a few drum and bass flourishes, the odd techno moment, none of this is done by conventional means. If drum and bass is Manet, Transgenic are Picasso. Most of these tracks use rhythm as a foundation, but not as a rhythmic foundation, if you see what I mean. The beats seem to be there in order to focus the listener’s attention, which, once fully engaged, will inevitably notice that although the drum programs may be along for the ride, there’s no-one driving.
Like many greats, this seems to have evolved under its own volition, unstructured by conscious human intervention. What with the grinding non-sequiturs of bass noise, the squeals and virtual clanks, all reproduced in high resolution sound, Transgenic is the sound of techno after the extinction of the human race, the machines keep churning out the beats and the bass, evolving into degraded forms with an incomprehensible agenda that is quite unrelated to keeping people in cycling shorts bouncing into the early hours of Sunday morning.
I think this is a cracker, but then how could I possibly resist an album which features tracks called Oligonucleotide, Chromosome Sequence, and World Bank Schistosoma?”