Synapses IV & V

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The CD cover names second track as “Synapses V”, but that was a misprint. Cordier’s web site lists the tracks as Synapses IV & I, and indicates that Synapses V was released elsewhere in 2002.
Synapses IV consists of Part 1 (8 minutes) and Part 2 (45 minutes). Synapses IV was performed with La Destination (extended films) June 1998 at le Garage, Paris. Live two-track recording without treatment or reverberation. Synapses is amplified with micro-contacts built by Frank W Fromy/ArtCan 14.

Synapses I was set up and recorded on 12 tracks January 1996 at Studio la Grande Fabrique, Dieppe by the musicians.

Synapses is fully improvised music — still it can also work on its own without further treatment.