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“Scot Jenerik is famous for his performances (especially the ones dealing with fire) and tries to convey the same kind of physicality in his recordings. And to be honest: he succeeds very well. The first piece on the CD is a blast in every sense: this reminds me of industrial music at its very best; there is a beat, there is noise and it’s all put together in a very very very good way. Long time since I heard anything this raw and still good. The second track (also by Mr. Jenerik) is of a different nature: the buzzing of insects is cut up and supported by a dark and soft drony sound. Creepy to say the least and after a while very mesmerizing, especially when the cars go passing by….. Roadkill for industrial die-hards. And an excellent piece of music as well. Mr. Yau is next with two pieces as well. The first one is divided into five parts, so he gets the real length of the disc (which is good release policy of course). An altogether different approach from him: noises created by going rough on different materials are enhanced by reverb and amplification and then turn into a loop (this sounds not very promising, I know) and then go back to natural again. Hmm, have I heard this before? Yes, I have… And there’s more of this. I’m not really sure what it is that I don’t like, but somehow it doesn’t sound right. I truly believe in Yau as an integer artist, but on a recording it doesn’t seem to get the full benefit. I would like to see him do it (although the last track is a real beauty as well, with all those big cats purring……) (MR)”

1. Scot Jenerik Suspended Particles In A Darkened Shaft 14:23
2. Scot Jenerik Exposed In The Fading Light 10:17
Your Skin Is All Over My Floor (10:55)
3. R. H.Y. Yau Untitled 3:34
4. R. H.Y. Yau Untitled 1:36
5. R. H.Y. Yau Untitled 2:24
6. R. H.Y. Yau Untitled 2:21
7. R. H.Y. Yau Untitled 1:10
8. R. H.Y. Yau Pig 9:09