Distori (Noah)

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“Artifical Memory Trace sort of is the right person to fit these traditions of electro-acoustic music: intelligently composed with modern means (read: sampling), into relatively short pieces that hold the attention. Without any limitation he jumps back and forth in his sound material. Sometimes all the events seem to be apparent at the same time, but at other times one long curve is drawn, such as in the beautiful opening piece ‘Skeletune(s)’. AMT can be placed among the likes of Illusion Of Safety and Brume. With the latter AMT shares something odd: presenting a large body of work, which ranges from good to excellent, it is hard to see the difference between each work. (FdW / Vital Weekly)
Slavek Kwi continues its excellent work of organization of sounds in time and spaces exploiting great dynamic scales, unexpected ruptures, complex morphologies and astonishing changes. He pays much importance to the environmental sounds.”