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featuring sounds by: Lasse Marhaug, Smell & Quim, Death Sqaud, and many more noiseists

Cock E.S.P. was formed in Minneapolis in 1993, and is currently comprised of Emil Hagstrom (electronics), Matt Bacon (electronics) and Paige Flash (performance/vocals). Drawing on the more extreme, subversive and absurdist elements of both popular and experimental Twentieth Century music and performance art, the ensemble creates an abstract and entertaining form of high-energy electronic music influenced by such styles as Japanese Noise, improvised free-jazz, punk rock, hardcore industrial and modern classical. Unusual among experimental music ensembles, Cock E.S.P.’s primary focus in satirical, commenting on both their underground music peers and on any element of world events or popular culture they feel the need to comment upon. Past projects demonstrating the group’s technique include compositions assembled entirely from equipment and instrument malfunctions, as well as a performance piece suggesting that fetishist sexual motives underlay American patriotism.