Eight Fits

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This release marks the return to Staalplaat with their fourth CD, after ‘Designer Time’ (1993, co-produced by The Hafler Trio) ‘O’ (1995) and Sobs (1996, inc. remixes by The Hafler Trio). This Icelandic band seemed to move into techno areas, but this is a different geyser of tea.

Finally a new release, but probably the last, by the icelandic duo (R.I.P.) who have included old timers like A.M.McKenzie, Hilmar Ørn Hilmarson and Godkrist on board. We have here only one long track “it was a boojum you see” in four main parts, recorded live in 1996 at the infamous celebrity hangout bar in Reykjavik the Twenty-Two.
We get quite the opposite from the usual “dancey industrial pop” tunes to a pretty abstract floating improvised soundscape, a kind of a live side of Reptilicus not too many people knew. Electronic noises, synths and samples are heard and often fed through effects, we have two guest appearances by percussionist Birgir Baldursson and the legendary Dr.Mo∂i(who practically lives in that bar) playing guitar. But what really catches your attention is all the bird sounds which make you wonder if Reptilicus perhaps were a couple of male ducks during a breeding season.
But overall this is a nice documentation, especially because it is so
different from their previous works. Well, I mean it is a boojum you see…